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Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat Nasional Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo


Jl. Pangeran Diponegoro No.71, Kenari, Senen, Jakarta Pusat

Phone Number

1800 1500 135


Also known as RSCM, this centuries-old health facility was first established in 1853 as Sekolah Dokter Djawa before revamping to the now government hospital – owned by the country’s Health Ministry – as well as a practice and training center for the medical students of Universitas Indonesia’s (UI). RSCM provides a wide range of affordable and high-quality medical services for patients from different socio-economic backgrounds. It features a variety of medical departments including Neurosurgery Department, Clinical Microbiology, and even Forensic. The hospital is also known nationwide for its cancer care, including being the first and only hospital in Indonesia that offers Tomotherapy, an advanced radiation technology to cure tumors and cancers.